CREW Studios is a private and intimate setting where you can feel free to create.

  • All rooms have eye-to-eye visual connection and are acoustically treated
  • Experienced staff
  • Superb collection of modern and vintage recording equipment
  • An aesthetically comfortable environment, cozy kitchenette
  • Conveniently located
  • All rooms wired for video, audio, speaker and guitar tie lines to go from one room to another
  • Skylight in the control room
Crew Studios


We pride ourselves on our connection to Vancouver’s finest musicians, engineers, producers, industry business men and women.

Our studio was designed and built to the specifics of music industry veterans.

We are able to handle any audio/sound project, large or small. Whether it is the next hit rock band or original music compositions for major motion pictures, we can accommodate your needs.

Industry friends include:

Annex Pro

Music Heals

Session Wire

Vancouver Post Alliance

Screen Composers Guild

Music BC

Sharpe Sound Studios & Television


Kind of a thrill to have a mention in Mix magazine:

Some of the Elvis Costello / Roots collaboration album – “Wise Up Ghost”album was recorded here at CREW Studios, and this is explored in Electronic Musician magazine’s article:

Costello cut a lot of his parts in Crew Studios, a new-ish mid-sized facility in North Vancouver, where Mandel auditioned several vocal mics for Costello and settled on a prototype CM12SE from Advanced Audio Concepts.

“My favorite Elvis albums are the two from 1986, Blood and Chocolate and King of America, where if you listen to a song like ‘Little Palaces’ [King of America] or ‘Battered Old Bird’ [Blood and Chocolate], the vocal is right up in your face, really direct, really clean, like Elvis is standing right in front of you, and this mic was just doing it, especially that prototype we used in Vancouver.”


With high ceilings, pleasing aesthetics, privacy and multiple rooms, Crew Studios is also a great space for video & photo shoots.

The harbour front is just outside, and the North Shore mountains are just behind us – nearby great outdoor locations.


We regularly give free studio time and work experience days to the Pacific Autism Family Network.

We donated studio time for an album and mixing by the wonderful Mayday Club Youth Choir.


Crew Studios is the rebirth of legendary producer Paul Baker’s Bakerstreet Studios.

Paul produced an incredible number of records here including work with Chris Isaak, Chilliwack, Craig Northey, Collective Soul, Paul Hyde, Robbie Steininger, and many, many others.

After his untimely passing, owner Sergio Cocchia decided to completely refurbish the studio with the help of Chris Potter.

We like to think Paul is smiling down our sessions.