CREW Studios is a hybrid recording studio, housing an API 1608 true analogue desk, and an AVID D-Control ES with 48 i/o.

We have a notable vintage and modern analogue outboard collection as well as a large collection of excellent instruments and microphones.



Music continues to be our passion, but we’ve been expanding our facility and team of partners to include Livestreaming with high-quality audio and video, pro-level Podcasting, and pro-level Film Editing. We also have a good amount of experience with Audiobooks, Audio Commercials and Audio for ESL.

We’ve become even more of a one-stop-shop for all things audio.


We are here to keep going, make music, have fun, and do so safely.

Please review:

  • All Crew staff will be regularly washing their hands, using hand sanitizer, using a mask when present with artists, and keeping physically distant
  • Before sessions, we’d like to informally review any travel artists have undertaken and ensure they have not been exposed to situations/locations or Covid exposure
  • On arrival, you will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer 
  • On arrival please enter with a mask on, we can supply one if you don’t have one
  • Please use your mask appropriately – on when in the same room as Crew staff, off when cleared to play and sing
  • If you have a “band bubble” – let us know
  • We try to keep a maximum of two people in the control room for any extended period of time (heading to washroom is ok to pass-through)
  • We try to keep a maximum of 3-4  people in the live room at any time
  • 1 person in the kitchen at a time
  • Crew staff sanitize microphones, pop screens, and all touch surfaces – door knobs, equipment, etc.
  • For microphones we are paying attention to Neumann protocols: neumann.com/mic-cleaning
  • Please refrain from touching gear that you’re not using
  • We will be opening doors for air circulation whenever possible