CREW Studios is a full-service recording facility and a place for recording artists to call home.

We are industry professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of recording projects – pre-production, budgeting, recording, mixing, mastering, and manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on customer service and quality; and we thrive on delivering the ultimate recording experience and final-product to our clients. We maintain strong ties with many of Vancouver’s professional musicians available for your project.


Studio Manager
Musician, Composer, Engineer

(…and the obligatory “engineer touching fader” shot…)

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I recorded an album and an EP here in the mid-2000s when it was Bakerstreet Studios. Maintained Paul’s website through the years, met the owner, and long story short, have been managing, assisting, running sessions here for the last 4+ years.

Have learned a lot from some great Producers and Engineers. All the people listed at top right.

Sergio Cocchia, Mike Cashin and Chris Potter rebuilt the studio with love and expertise after Paul’s untimely passing. Paul is still present. And a lot of his gear is still here, bringing the analog goodness. Has been nice to see some of Paul’s many old friends around.


Have been working on a new album for too many years. Must put it out Fall 2020.

Scored Tom Cavanagh’s short film “Tom & Grant“.
Got a Leo nom for it. Great fun.

Had songs placed on TV shows “Love Monkey” and “Men In Trees”.


Build WordPress and Shopify sites.

Vijay Iyer, Ryan Keberle, Geoff Hicks, Noah Haidu among others. More here. I work one or two days a week at Highlife Records. Or at least I did before the pandemic. It’s a gem. Hope we can keep it going. Support it.

2016 attended the Mix With The Masters Production & Songwriting Seminar with Paul Epworth (Adele, Coldplay, Paul McCartney) at The Church Studios.

Let’s talk about your project.



Senior Engineer

Mike Cashin

Having worked as an engineer for the over 15 years in the countries biggest and best studios, means that Mike has had the rare opportunity to learn his trade from the engineering and production giants of the industry. He’s taken the best techniques from each of his mentors, and combined them to create his own approach to making records.

After graduating from OIART in London, ON. Mike landed the enviable position of 2nd Engineer at Bryan Adam’s Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. After almost a decade there he went on to help build and manage CREW Studios in North Vancouver. It was built from the ground up and he contributed to every detail, including studio layout and design, equipment selection, acoustics, engineering and daily operations. Working in such environments has lent itself to creativity, efficiency, candor, and above all…making records enjoyable while getting results. This is what Mike brings to each and every session.

It also lends itself to working across many different genres. From Mötley Crüe to Michael Bublé, Swollen Members to Strapping Young Lad, and Elvis Costello to The Roots, Mike has worked with artists in every corner of the business. His easygoing demeanor and top professionalism mean that every artist he works with, regardless if they’re a chart topper, or recording their first song, get treated with the same respect.

Mike is currently making records based out of various Vancouver recording studios. He is also working with Applied Electronics as their Technical Lead, doing audio, video and control integrations. As their audio specialist in the Western Region he works with various audio DSP’s, programming and installation in control rooms, council chambers, boardrooms and theatres.

Music is a tough lifestyle to make a living in. The fact that Mike continues to succeed shows his dedication to the artists and projects he takes on, at every level.


Brandon Brown

Winston Hauschild

Rolla Olak

Andrew Spindor (Habitat Recording)

Charlotte Duggan

Casandra Bassingthwaite

Steven Mandel (The Roots, Elvis Costello)

Vince Renaud

Chris Potter (Sarah McLachlan)

*We also have several experienced assistant engineers available on call.


Cocchia Productions

Cocchia Productions Inc. is an independent film company that produces narrative short and feature length films, music videos, and photography services, founded by Connie Cocchia. Cocchia is a Vancouver based writer, director, and producer. An alumnae of The University of Southern California, Cocchia received her BA in Film and Television Production in 2014, and recently received her MFA in Film Production from The University of British Columbia. Cocchia is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada. Cocchia Productions is based in Vancouver BC and provides custom production services from development to post.

Chris Brown Photography

His detailed knowledge of the tools of photography, combined with remarkable instincts, intuition and empathy for his subjects, makes for rare and inspiring photography.


Sergio Cocchia | @sergiococchia

Sergio Cocchia is the President of Crew Management Ltd., Vice President of Absolute Spa Ltd., and General Manager of Century Plaza Hotel Ltd. With over 500 employees in the hotel and spa industry, Mr. Cocchia oversees a varied business venture with his partner and wife Wendy Lisogar. These ventures include: Soluzione Spa Products, CREW Studios, Vancouver, etc. As General Manager of the Century Plaza Hotel and Spa, Mr. Cocchia has overseen all facets of the renovation and repositioning of this well-known downtown Vancouver property and its award winning amenities.

Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia


Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia is the President, Century Plaza Hotel & Spa, and Absolute Spa Group. Lisogar-Cocchia is a hotelier by trade, as the Executive Vice-President of the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa for the past 25 years. Also as the President of Absolute Spa Group, Canada’s largest and most luxurious spa chain, Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia has been categorized as a bona fide “Spa Maven” as quoted in the Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen’s Newspapers.