CREW studios is constructed in the space that was once Bakerstreet Sound Studio on the north shore of North Vancouver, British Columbia. It perfectly blends the influence and character of an original late 70’s recording studio with the resolution of the modern day sound. Designed by Chris Potter, this studio can keep up with any caliber recording artist. Our environment is suited for the world’s best and our rate is designed to be affordable for those who aren’t topping the charts just yet. I would like to emphasize the fact that this facility is BRAND NEW. We’re not talking inexperienced or poorly prepared, we’re talking high class deluxe model with all the trimmings ready to be driven hard and fast. It is very exciting for me to be on board for the beginning of this great rise.

Are you coming in to record from out of town? We can make all the hotel arrangements for you with the luxurious Century Plaza hotel and spa in downtown Vancouver.

We can see the future, only time will put us there.

Looking forward to showing you around!

Tel: 604 987 7383