Hey Everybody,

I hope your summer was good…or productive.  Hopefully both!

We’ve been busy here at CREW.  Our summer HAS been productive.  We’ve changed the acoustic treatment in both the live rooms and the control room to tighten things up, and it’s sounding the way we like it now.  Sessions have been going great, and we can’t wait to do more!







We’ve also recently acquired a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano.  It is the same piano that was in Bakerstreet for the last couple of years it was in operation.  For for those of you who had the pleasure of playing it in the past you know how good it plays and sounds.  Thanks to Graeme Coleman for taking care of it for us!  We will make sure it has a great home…and you’re welcome to come play it whenever you like.

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting some old Bakerstreet clients these past few months, as well as some new CREW clients.  From people recording for the first time to artists that have been doing it for decades…it has been enjoyable.

Thanks to Robbie Steininger, Megan Metcalfe, Louder Than Love, Fear Zero, Ed Sadler, Darren Grahn, Folk Thief, Tamara Arbeau, Dr. Fred Shane, Phil Moriarity, Michael and Michelle Creber, Robbie Buchanan, Connie Cocchia, Madhu Bagga, Elvis Costello and ?uestlove and The Roots!

But now fall is upon us.  Summer touring is winding down and it’s time to get down to work.

Availability at the studio is open right now and we want to get busy!  We’re willing to entertain any budget.  Let us know what you have, what you’re looking for, and when you want to do it. It’s been great getting the room up to par…but it’s time to put it to good use!

So if you have ANY projects you want to use a great studio for please get in touch.  You can reach Mike or Valerie via email.



Thanks…and hope to hear from you VERY soon!