So it seems summer has FINALLY decided to grace us with it’s presence here in Vancouver, and we need to work on our tans (studio tans, that is!)

So to keep us out of the direct sunlight (and still enjoy it through our glorious skylight), we’re offering a summer special here at CREW!

We have 2 demo/EP packages to choose from.

Package #1

3 song demo/EP package (1 studio day)


3 songs recorded live-off the floor (multi-tracked).
3 song-demo mixes
$500 + HST.


Package #2

5 song demo/EP package (2 studio days)


Day 1 – 5 songs recorded live-off the floor (multi-tracked).
Vocal and guitar overdubs.

Day 2 – 5 song-demo mixes.
$1000 + HST.


If these sound close to what you’re looking for, but need a little something extra or different, please let us know.  We can definitely work something out that suits your needs!

Contact us now!